Boxing Day heart attacks

So for xmas I got a Suunto Ambit – cheers mum & dad! My Garmin was fine but the battery doesnt last more than 4 hours and this year I’m going to be out past that at least a few times. It also came with a heart rate monitor which of course I had to try out. I’ve never used one before but didnt notice it was there so I may use it again as the data is interesting. At this point all the heart rate based runners here might want to look away!


So I’m no data expert but I have a feeling I’m not meant to be spending the vast majority of the run in the hard and very hard categories and lets not talk about the 8 minutes running at max. I’m kinda sceptical as surely these are arbitrary categories and the watch has no clue what’s hard for me :pΒ  I also noticed that where I’m working really hard has less to do with pace but rather the terrain so my HR climbs when I’m on the rocks.

I think it will all make more sense once I’ve got a wider base of data to terrify myself with. I’ll give the watch a review once I’ve used it for a while too.

As for the run it was a beautiful boxing day on the beach.

Suns out
Hot cross jellyfish!
Slices of rockfall


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

9 thoughts on “Boxing Day heart attacks”

  1. Looks like a tempo run with uhm max anaerobic intervals. 😁 I’d say just keep collecting the data and enjoy watching them change. If you overtrain at least you can look back and learn πŸ˜‡. Congrats to an awesome present.

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      1. You can figure out your resting heart rate now as well! Might be cool to write it down at least once a week. It also can be used to calculate your zones 😊. If it is elevated it can be a sign of something going on … and a good excuse to take it slower.


  2. Oh how I laughed! I have no idea if the battery on my garmin lasts for 4hours!!!!! You will decide for yourself what works for you HR wise, but as SRG says having the data will help you to work it out.😊

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  3. Love the Suunto as I have the Ambit 3 PEAK myself but my everyday watch is the Garmin Vivoactive HR. The former I bought as it’ll last for 30Hrs and the latter I’ve had on a 72mile race and lasted for 14Hrs.
    Have fun with the Suunto though.
    HR training does matter for a while but you’ll get to know your limits. Obviously your ‘banding’ will change and you’ll have to re-evaluate your training. Have fun with it.


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