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  1. Nice work on starting the blog and trail running 🙂

    I too suffer with depression, since I was 21 actually, on the cusp of 40 now and for me, running has been my absolute saviour. I’m still on medication, but hey, so is somebody with diabetes right? It’s just an illness like any other and needs managing like any other. I’ve always worked hard to break the stigma with it, even if it makes people uncomfortable, so I hope you’re never afraid to talk about it.

    Running takes me to amazing places physically and mentally, whether that’s in the mountains or on the road; I love it all 🙂

    Blogging is very slow to start with, and I lost motivation a few times for it, but now I try and stick at it as writing helps too as does sharing your experience with others and my followers gradually appear; tag those posts!

    But yeah, well done again and keep at it; running AND blogging. We’re both very lucky to live and run in Wales!

    All the best 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It really has been a saviour for me too, both blog and running really. The blog was as much to chart my own progress both physically and mentally but it’s great when you get an appreciative comment too =) Yep I’m lucky to live somewhere where I can really get out into nature on my own and challenge myself. Plus of course Wales is great, could do with a few more mountains down south of course. I’ve only ever run on my own so having 700 other runners in a week or so is going to be weird but I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it. That’s something I certainly wouldn’t have said without the last 6 months of running. Thanks again, looking forward to reading moe of your blog too

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