Runs, rocks, rainbows & robins

This morning it was long run time so I ran a circular route along the cliffs as far as St Donats then the beach back to Witches Point and then back along the cliffs home which works out at around 13 miles but the terrain is tricky for a fair bit of it. As I write this my legs are definitely feeling it!

Rainbow one – From the cliffs, you can just about make it out
View towards Nash Point Lighthouse
Foghorn and lighthouse
Rainbow two – Or other end of rainbow one I dunno
St Donats slipway
Lighthouse from the beach
Brickwork holding cliff up preventing said lighthouse from ending up in the sea
Rainbow three at the waterfall
Met this little dude halfway up a cliff who wasnt fazed at all by me being right next to him
He was just like “yeah move along”
View from above the robin

So a painful run in some aspects but wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Sunset run

This was actually Wednesday but been kinda busy … Oh I tell fibs I just forgot.  Haven’t forgot about the sunset though.  Only a 4 miler before dark along the cliffs but it was worth it.  Except for the pain in my stomach … I think due to new stretching regime which has involved planks and such shenanigans.

But the sunset that night …..

View from the beach before climbing the cliffs
Hidden sun
Peeking sun over the sea. Love the reflection on the water on this one
Last view of the sun across the fields on the way home

There’s always a reason …

Even if you don’t know what it is at the start.  I wanted to do a slower recovery type run on sunday … except for some reason I sort of didn’t feel like it.  But the day was kinda nice and I felt I should get out while I could. Plus I know that as soon as I do I’m loving it all over over again.

I was doubly glad I did as I met this little fella who I initially thought was dead as he’d been out of the water for some time as the tide was on the way back in.

Stranded fish dude

I took a quick pic and grabbed him and chucked him in the nearest rockpool, upon which he sprang instantly back to life and darted for cover.

Rescued fish dude

So yeah ok it’s one tiny meaningless fish in the scheme of things but I saved the little bugger which made me happy …. and that’s what counts right?

Plus as usual the scenery was beautiful and the clouds came to play


Just 4 miles but 4 miles I’m glad I did


Its almost a training plan

Almost …. I dont have set days to run but I do want to do a long run each weekend and follow it up with a recovery run.  I’ve done this twice in a row and am planning to work back slowly. So I’ve decided to just add a mile every week or so depending on how I’m feeling so I went from 10 to 11 this week.  During the week I’ll get done what I can depending on tides and daylight.  As the evenings lighten I can do more so hopefully by the time we get to spring I’ll be in full swing!

So this was saturdays 11 miles

Sun and tide rising
Surfers enjoying the waves
Tide was eating my beach so it was up over Witches Point and down towards Ogmore
View back from Ogmore deeps – Monknash where I reach the beach is the far point, around 4 miles or so
A detour around Derval woods to change it up

A tale of two runs

I ran on wednesday and thursday this week. Two runs that couldn’t have been more different. On wednesday I got home from work, felt fine, got changed, warmed up, off i went and within a mile felt atrocious. Not the first time this has happened. I think it’s a nutrition thing. I made it to the beach and back for around a two and a half mile dispiriting run.

Beach at dusk. A meh photo for a meh run

On thursday after work I strapped myself back in and wondered how it would go….. I felt fantastic and I flew, the HR stayed where it should, the flow kicked in and it felt effortless.

And the sunset helped ….

Sun setting over the Bristol Channel
Going … going ….
Accidental sand closeup which I actually really like

Oh yeah and I am also Captain Sheep Rescue!  Saw this idiot stuck in a fence so had to stop to get him out, Dumb sod was driving forward into the hedge while I had to pull to release him. Tug of war between man and sheep is the outcome….. Might have looked a bit odd

I pull you push …. eeeediot

So lesson from this learned is that a bad run is just a bad run and always get out cos there might be a sheep stuck in a fence somewhere that needs you!


Hour long quickies

So when did running for at least an hour become normal and a short run?  Had camera issues today as in the battery is dead in the one I usually take so I had the one with the cracked screen – Just point and hope.  Everything felt fine today, few creaks and aches but as usual they all smoth out in the end.

Best of a bad bunch
Met this little dude

Here goes …

Today marked the start of an actual training cycle. Its 20 weeks until the Preseli Beast so plenty of time to build up to 24 miles of fell running. Today was a “short long run” in that its 10 miles which I don’t have any issues doing really but I want to build back to longer distances slowly to try to avoid damaging the foot and knee to the point where I have to lay off completely again. Should tie in nicely to the half in February. See – I’ve been doing some thinking!

Luckily the weather was fine apart from a stiff wind. I did a half beach and half cliff run so I got the best of both worlds including some steep climbing.  Was happy to see that I hadn’t put the HR over 170 (169 is damn close though) and it seemed to spend more time in the working hard but not maximum catergory. And overall it was 136, I can live with that considering the route was hard.

Enough of the running talk, onto the photos!

Fields were looking green this morning
Perfectly calculated – By the time I get to the next headland along the cliffs the tide will ‘just’ be far enough out to run back along the beach
Some kind soul has built a driftwood bridge across the stream at Nash Point – Saves wet feet before the beach (in about 20 yards but still ….)
Always know where to find your own rainbows
Tide going out leaving the beach looking pretty damn good and my turning point at Witches before running home along the cliffs

Wheres my snowpocalypse!?

So yesterday we were sort of promised a snowpocalyse which would surely herald the end of civilisation or something.  If you believe the press that is. It never happened so instead I just took a blustery run down to the beach and back before dark.

Dusk was looking pretty cool when I got there
The wind was helping with the crashing wave effects
Did some hill repeats up to the top of the cliffs and legged it home

Damn you tides

Why do you have to be all wrong this weekend. I can’t really grumble as if I can’t run on the beach I can still get a great run in along the cliffs. Only around 4 miles and it felt harder than usual for some reason but took it easy and just let the body work it out for itself.

When the sun broke through over the Bristol Channel today it was beautiful
The ramblers appear to be attempting to build some sort of bridge through the mud. I mean really what’s the point!?

Misty day & clear mind

After four days off due to worries over the state of my legs it was time to go out on a slow test run. I’m glad to report that there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong apart from the usual slight foot pain on left and knee pain on right. I’m used to these two, I can live with them.  The run was about clearing the worry of injury as much as anything which it did. However that was about the only clear thing today.

Misty morning – The fields are out there somewhere
Mist in the woods always creates a lovely feeling of freshness though
Misty cliffs
A dash of colour amidst the clouds

This route takes me past a spot where a friend died in a car crash a few years ago. He was a real lover of life and I always stop to say hello and remember that life’s short and can be taken at any time. We were talking about him not long ago and someone said that he was essentially uncoachable at rugby as he could only play utterly flat out, he would give everything possible for as long as he could and then would have to be taken off completely spent. Ultrarunning wouldn’t have been his game, patience and restraint was never his forte; but the way he approached sport was admirable. No matter the game or challenge he went headlong into it with utter conviction and gave everything.  We live in a tight knit village and although we all miss him we can be grateful for having shared in his love for life.

I’m not sure why I’ve brought this up, I’ve stopped at the spot many times. Perhaps it’s only now I’m appreciating the lessons that his life and death have taught. Give everything you can while you can … but learn to see when the costs are simply too high.

Cheers Rhod