Moving on, changing up

As you may (or probably haven’t) have noticed I don’t post here anymore. I was finding far more enjoyment in just doing things and not writing about them. After all there are only so many things you can write about going for a run.

And I guess there is more out there than just running. And although I still focus on running I have found other outlets along the way.

And because shortly wordpress will want to rebill me for hosting the blog again – which as we know I rarely post to – It makes no sense to continue it. At least here anyway.

For fear not I’ve actually spent some of the intervening time archiving all the posts from this blog )and the number surprised me) and moving them to a new (and much cheaper domain)

In fact my new site contains a little more than just running (though there is/will be plenty of that I’m sure) Currently I’m focused on a year long fitness project incorporating strength, mobility, diet and core work to complement my running. There’s more detail on the site itself but really all this is just for me now as I wanted to document things rather than write a blog for others.

You are of course welcome to come along for the ride – the site is at

Currently there is no way of subscribing to notifications when I make changes or new posts so you’ll just have to pop in every now and again. I will also work on a way to comment too but as ever feel free to email me.

Murph approves of the changes!