Sun & rocks & helicopters & shoes & stuff

This run was actually on tuesday after work but I’ve been installing a new HDD with Win 10 so I’m only posting now. Twas a lovely day in the month of September whence I ventured to the beach on a run whereupon I espied some sights to which I shall now avail ye.

Enough of twee! It was a six and a half mile run as the sun sparkled on the sea and made me forget any aches in the legs. The pace was actually good and the breathing does feel abnormally easy now. It’s always the legs that protest first. I think this is a good sign, at least it’s less likely that I’ll keel over from a heart attack these days (And if I do I’m fishfood anyway)

Oh yeah .. sparkly sea


What else did I promise?

Rocks! Well one in particular I hadn’t come across before. It’s covered in tiny white swirls of …. rock. Never seen anything like it before so if any geologists out there have any information I’d be grateful

Shadow clearly for scale not because I’m a crap photographer
Close-up – No it’s not toothpaste, its solid. If it’s solidified seagull shit I will cry.

On I went past the mystery rock and lo and behold a rescue helicopter hovering at the far end of the beach!

Sadly it flew off before I could get closer. It did some extreme low level hovering though above Witches Point, no idea why it was there

Stuff – I ordered new shoes as I have complete shoe envy since Sergei announced hers. I am awaiting their arrival and hope they fit. I also have a small tweak in my hamstring and a bit of foot pain so guess who’s being a good boy and resting a few days?

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

17 thoughts on “Sun & rocks & helicopters & shoes & stuff”

  1. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes… HOW is a girl to keep up??? So what did you order? Innov8’s or Gloves? DYING to see!!!! hope they’re nice and bright too!!! LOVED your ‘bananas’!
    The white stuff is calcified worm tubes… so you’re safe… no gull shit contamination going on there *lllll*

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      1. *lol* dunno if they are ‘California’ worm tubes… But I grew up and lived I the beach for the majority of life 😎 I was going to study Marine Biology believe it or not but chose art and design instead because I could dress like a hippy without being judged πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. *lol* no ‘Californian’ was SRGs predictive txt… but we kinds like that we could call them ‘CalifornianWormTubesAsFoundOnGareth’sBountifulBeachAndNotBitchSeagullPoo”!

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  2. California worms makes me think of tequila. Technically I think they are Mexican and not Californian but it’s close enough. But not very scientific😊

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