Quick runs and new shoes

Got home today and they had arrived already – Have to recommend sportsshoes.com for extremely quick delivery!  And they fit perfectly too.

My new winter mud shoes – Inov8 X-Talon 200. When the trail gets slippery I shall grip!

I didnt actually wear them out today as I wanted to wear the altras as the foot had been feeling a bit wonky this week so new shoes might not have been the best idea. Plus they stay shiny for a while longer. But when the rain and mud arrive I am ready!

Just did around 5 miles today, my garmi wouldnt and wont pick up signal for some reason …. Hope it’s not buggered as I just spent the money I’m earning tomorrow on the track on shoes :p

Caught this moment of sun shining through on the sea
Sheep with non matching ear piercings

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

7 thoughts on “Quick runs and new shoes”

  1. Loving today’s sea view. Nice shoes. I am tempted by the prospect of waterproof shoes, but have resisted because I know that they won’t be waterproof when the mud or water is more than ankle deep, which it usually is🙄


      1. hedging an into plan as i type!

        “OH *tut* I’VE had em AGES!!!! You mean you haven’t NOTICED???? pah!!! MEN!!!!”

        *lol* would that work?

        I had a pair on my shortlist… opted to go back to Hokas… but i think you’re right, i need MUDthangs so that i don’t have to worry about getting my beauties dirty!
        Sports shoes.com are THE BEST!

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