When it clicks it clicks

Despite a minor hangover I got out running this afternoon, for the first time ever I scared the world by wearing running shorts as in the lycra type ones. Along with a new Inov8 top I bought with a zip neck I was all proud of my new look :p  And the placebo effect was in full swing as I ran 7 miles at 9.37 pace which is quite frankly unheard of for me! I’m not sure why this happened but as soon as I started the legs felt awesome so I just let it all go. Weirdly my kneee did not play up once – I’m wondering why – I wish I knew but if it stays quiet I’m happy!

It was such a beautiful day at the beach and they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I won’t keep on ….

Traeth Mawr
Looking back to Monknash from Witches Point
Like a millpond
We’re in rock hopping territory here


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

4 thoughts on “When it clicks it clicks”

  1. Are you a photographer? Your photos are amazing! Sounds like an amazing run. You tar so right, eh. It clicks it clicks and it makes al hose hard runs before it Perth while. Not that I have heard many bad runs from you so whatever your doing your doing right

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  2. AHA! I can now comment. I’ll check on my phone later as well, to see if I can do it from that. Before, I was reading your posts, but there was no option to “like” or comment at the bottom, like there was with other blogs.
    But yes- loving the photos! Missing the sea… 😦 Wonderful to see someone enjoying it. Keep posting 🙂

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