Day and night

Summer holidays are here and off to a flyer.  A run at the beachin the morning before the heat really kicked in.  Then at sunset we went bioluminescent plankton spotting (sadly none was to be seen) but had a fun night hike with the dogs and their luminous collars.  They loved it of course.  The moon was so bright that we didn’t even need head torches on the rocks.  The creepy woods though was a different matter.  I’ll let the photos do the talking


Yeah I can see you
Sunset run
Waiting for the sun to set and the moon to rise
Leaping with a buddy
Moonlight at Witches Point
Moonlight and glow collars
Oh yeah Claire brought her fire poi – I had a go, I didn’t set fire to myself – this is a result!
Closeup – You want to see sheer happiness?  That my friends is sheer happiness

Sneaky Sneaky

Got home from work early and I dont normally run on a tuesday but I just fancied it. Glad I did. Just a quick one to the beach and back so around two and a half miles.

Tides in
Moons out in the bluest of skies
Clouds looking fluffy

Catching up

Been on a recovery week …. Utter lie …. Ive still got this lurgi and it’s not shifting.  The schools are like a scene from the walking dead, ones even got norovirus (or some such evil sounding thang) so with the poor weather and feeling crap I’ve decided to have an “off season” – Cos it sounds cool mainly.  To be fair the darker evenings make it harder to get out too so until the end of the year I’m just gonna cut back a little, rest and recover ready for the new year as I have goals!

This doesn’t mean no running just a cut down in mileage for a short period, in fact seeing as christmas is only like 6 weeks away its very short (with mince pies)

I did get out thursday but only managed 2 and a half miles and struggled with that. I went looking for sunset for Sergei but the clouds bloody intervened.

Its a beautful day today though and I can’t resist …. waiting for tide to do a slow easy one just to enjoy the day. Training for the soul not body.

Best sunset I could get
I did catch the moon though