How low can you go?

As far as the tide here is concerned it’s this low …

A very low spring tide at Nash Point. Normally the darker reef on the shoreline is never exposed.

Which is awesome when you get to run on it all morning. It was a fun training type run of around 10 miles at an average pace of under 11 mins a mile which I’m really happy with considering it was cliffs and beach. I can definitely feel progression happening. I can comfortably keep up a quicker pace for longer now and the wheels don’t seem to fall off as quickly. In fact I positively raced home from the beach.

As the tide was so low I explored Witches Point at Southerndown for a while as I could get to bits normally cut off.

Caves in the cliffs.
Wait what?  Looks like someone has been practicing their underwater climbing technique
The erosion of the seabed here makes for some amazing rock formations
More rocks
Loved this one



Sun, rain and stacks of climb

Back to the beach today … well no not the beach but the cliffs as the tide was in. No matetr it was time to practice some more hills. I’m slowly improving on climbing. Hills which would make me out of breath or get my heart pounding before are now climbed slightly easier. They still hurt but I can feel the effort I’m putting into them is lessening. This is good news for the incoming 2017 races. Another 8 miles which I’m sure is getting easier in tiny increments.

The sun was out as I began.

A beautiful winters day to run

I passed the stack and got a photo from above. Still amazes me it stays upright.

That has to be the most dangerous square metre of turf in Britain

Up and around Witches Point

This is the beach at high tide which is why i can’t run it … compare to ….
How it looks at low tide

As I reached Witches the weather came in so fast there was little I could do but run back in the rain. Not that I really minded its all part of the game. A little sun, a little rain, who cares when you can go out and see the things I saw today.

Incoming rain front



Low Tide – High Spirits

After taking four days off running with just some biking to keep fresh in order to let my body recover from the efforts of last week (Yes Sergei I showed common sense!) I waited today until a very low tide to get back out for a 9 mile run. Was out for around two hours but managed to do some rock scrambling at Witches Point and took a look around at the different features which can only be seen at the lowest tides.

Low tide between Monknash and Wick Beach
Thee rocks are covered much of the time – The erosion makes for interesting formations and a fun scramble
More rocks!
These slabs were fun to cross
Low tide exposes …… sea stuff (TM)
Im not saying the snails here are slow but they even have mini limpets growing on them!
Coral type sea stuff (TM) – Not actually sure what it is – some sort of organisms building homes I think
The usual gratuitous shot of my playground