Shoe question

Anyone know anything about biomechanics?

I discovered my beloved La Sportiva mutants have broken – A tear in the left shoe on the front left side. Fair enough I cant complain at all – By my vague reckoning these shoes have done around 400 miles and taken an absolute battering plus spend a lot of time immersed in salt water.¬† In fact they’ve done well to make it this far!

I checked – My Inov8s – both pairs had split in exactly the same place – as had my dynafit SL.

Errrr so is this coincidence or is there something in my biomechanics/gait  that is causing it? Can I remove my left little toe? Doesnt do much anyway right?


Same place every time.

Recovery run?

Not actually sure it’s a recovery run of its 4 days later but it still hurt like a recovery run. I only did 4 miles as everything was still a bit sore but I wanted to try these out – my reward for the training and completion of Preseli

La Sportiva Mutants

Check the tread out on these bad boys!
Can’t judge them until I’ve worn them more and yesterday everything hurt anyway which isn’t a fair test :p 

Was good to be back at the beach though on the relative flat!