Baywatch it aint

I ran to the beach today in drimizzle which slowly turned to rain and then back again. Enough to thoroughly soak me. Though it felt much warmer than yesterday with no wind so it was almost enjoyable in a “well I’m out here better enjoy it” kind of way.

I bumped into an old buddy I havent seen in a while. I recognised him by his fluffy legs

I think he may be a cut n shut – Two horses bolted together

Everything was drimizzly grey today

Over yonder lies my destination in the mist

Then I stumbled upon another barrel jellyfish. If you read this blog regularly then you may remember me finding one a few weeks back but was unable to move it.


This one was near the waters edge and I figured I would have a go at refloating him.  Neveradullbling asked if this could be done. I havent got a clue but despite the fact I was probably trying to save an already dead creature with no brain or nervous system I was gonna give it my best shot.  Which is why anyone passing by (thankfully no-one) could have witnessed me up to my knees in the freezing cold Bristol Channel dragging a big jellyfish behind me.

I managed the refloat and he was off and away drifting with the tide. As it was turning theres a good chance he will go out rather than beach again but to be honest I’m not sure it even matters. At this point my legs and feet were going numb so I squelched off along the beach to warm up not looking back for fear of seeing it coming ashore again. It can take its bloody chances now!

I did get a photo of the underside before we hit the surf though! You can see the fronds.


Sometimes I think I take the animal lover thing a bit too far.

Horsies and stuff

Sunday (yes I know I’m two days late) was a recovery run so nice and slow and only around 4 or 5 miles. But I saw some stuff.

This dude came running over to say hello. Pretty little horsie
Who then attempted to eat my camera. He was so friendly he followed me for a bit.
The tide was in so it was up onto the cliffs but the surfers were floating about
It was a really clear day and in the distance you can just about make out what I’m assuming is the Gower near Swansea
I came back via the cabbage fields – Sto Lat is —–> way (bonus points if you know what I’m on about)


Hour long quickies

So when did running for at least an hour become normal and a short run?  Had camera issues today as in the battery is dead in the one I usually take so I had the one with the cracked screen – Just point and hope.  Everything felt fine today, few creaks and aches but as usual they all smoth out in the end.

Best of a bad bunch
Met this little dude

Tired legs & happy heart

Today is a rest day so time to catch up with the blog and mondays run. Timed the beach again for low tide and rolled out in the Altras for a change. Although I love the feeling of comfort in them the difference in grip and stability to the Inov8s is huge so I think no more rock runs in them, they can hang around for the days there’s little technical stuff.

Perfect timing – Tide going out and a few metres of sand to get from point to point.
First of todays fossils – Not actually sure what they are, a collection of plants and shells I think
One I ran home with – Ammonite in quartz
Another I couldnt run home with – the rock is way too big sadly
Met these two having a paddle
And this one pulling faces

Another 5 miles on tired legs hence the rest day today.  Always feels great to be out no matter how the legs feel though

I’m back with shoe report!

So a week off running and it wasn’t too bad, I must admit it was tricky to not go out when the sun shone on the way home but I stuck to it for a whole week. And today I got to try out my new shoes (I had to hide them this week in case my will broke)

Inov8 X-Talon 200

First impressions – very comfy, at first they felt a little snug but they are so soft – like a baby deers furry ass – that they soon felt like they were already worn in.

The reason I got these was for better grip as the weather turns and I’m going to be spending much of the next six months sliding around in mud. I also wanted something for wet rocks on the beach, It’s not like I ask a lot or anything.

It’s been raining all week and so I was sure to find mud

Mud glorious mud – Sheep track in fact – And the shoes handled it superbly. The bigger lugs certainly grip this kind of stuff. No loss of traction.
Next test – Wet slippery rocky path with fallen wet leaves.  There were a few hairy moments here but then there always are in the wet. I did feel more confident in the Inov8s compared to say the Altras especially on downhills.
Sand test – Well lets be fair even i cant fall over on sand but and I was delighted to discover they kick up cool little spurts of sand behind you. I spent the next mile runing while looking over my shoulder.
They really come into their own on technical rocky terrain, they feel very nimble and precise and covering these rocks was loads of fun. Plenty of spring in them for bounds and leap and they grip superbly even on angled rocks  and slopes.
Water – I was very surprised by how water resistant they were, nothing got in at the beach but this made me a little concerned, I wasnt expecting them to be waterproof and alas if water does get in (to be fair I was sloshing around in a stream) it doesnt drain out very well.

So overall I’m more than pleased with the Xtalon 200 – They are definitely going to become my technical shoe of choice and I expect to give them a right hammering this winter. The grip is fantastci on mud and rock and they provide an immense feeling of confidence and stability. My only worry is the drainage but with some care there shouldnt be too much water getting in – basically it has to go in over the top anyway.

Oh and I have new shoes but this dude has a new coat – With chickens on! How cool is that (I was kinda jealous)

Uber cool horsie