Spring has sprung so keep young!

I just enjoy saying and thinking it. After a seemingly endless winter its here … I swear it this time!

Sunset over the Bristol Channel

A quick 5 miler but done at a quicker pace – Nobody shout at me I’m doing this properly and keeping an eye on impact stress – its all about quick and light feet not overstriding and causing a braking effect. This is as technical I get but I do understand the theory now to put it in practice.  So the 5 miles was done at 9 minute mile pace which quite frankly amazed me as it was a cliff run so included both elevation and wind!

Spring evidence – These dudes were new to the world and just enjoying playing together in the sun. Important metaphor here people – As lambs get older they stop playing and just stand around and eat all day, they lose the joy in the world youth brings. I swear its just a mental thing though …. keep your mind young and never stop playing ….maybe more of this later ….. (warning teaser)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

6 and a half miles today and it felt effortless. Things are just clicking at the moment and I just know I’m back to pre injury fitness at least if not improved.

As the title suggests beauty is wherever you find it and what floats one persons boat may not float another. Examples?  Awww go on then.

Obvious beauty – scenery, I think just about eveyone loves scenery
Awwwww cute beauty – Ickle baby calves all bambi legged and giving me “the stare”
Dont look again mum! Pure unadulterated horror for some people but I think this little dude is just as beautiful as the other two.

Always remember – It takes all sorts to make a world