Keep on truckin’

I guess when the world goes a bit mad you just gotta hop on for the ride. So I figured what with my parents (hi mum and dad) self isolating I should get posting if nothing else to keep them up to date and entertain …yeah ok so maybe not entertain so much. But photos are always nice right!

So still running – cos its something I can do out here and see and have no contact with anyone (not gonna lie isolation is something I like) plus the dog needs to be out anyway.Ā  And with everything thats going on its good to be outside away from it all for a while. The good news – good news – whats that? Is that the body is actually holding up ok, things hurt but it all pales into insignificance right now anyway. Preseli obviously got cancelled so no ultra and fell races and thats the right decison.

So I shall continue to work away at my latest project which I shall unveil here – you are indeed the first to know – i wasnt going to ever mention it as it was just for me but it’ll give mum and dad something to follow. This year’s project is “2020 2000” which is in a nutshell my attempt to both run and walk Murph 2000 miles in the calender year. It’s a bit of fun and provides me a goal and doesn’t allow me to ever get lazy. I include both runs and walks because my body cant cope with a 2000 mile running year plus we also love the walks too. So far I’d say the milage is about 2/3 running to a 1/3 walking and im more than happy with that.

My sketchy records tell me to date We’ve done 424 miles which is good going considering the winter start, dark mornings and evenings and the awful weather. I shall keep you all updated periodically – I bet you’re on the edge of your seats eh? The only “rules” are that we have to do the walk or run together – no dog no count and it has to be at least half a mile to count.

Ok photos!

Bit of a small fall in the chalk section of the cliffs – Above is where the path was
No matter whats going on in the world there will always be a sunrise – dont forget that
Heading into the mists
Nature making shapes – just as the sun always rises the tide will always turn



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

8 thoughts on “Keep on truckin’”

  1. Oh, the snowdrops! Gorgeous!

    I’m finding heading outside (the nearby national forest, in my case) with my dogs is the only sure-fire pick-me-up to current circs. Enjoying others’ excursions with their pups, vicariously, helps as well šŸ™‚

    Keep on truckin!


    1. Pups are the best right now. They don’t understand what’s happening so life to them is still a huge bag of non worry. Be like the dogs I say! Except don’t chase squirrels. Well unless you like squirrel chasing of course. These times will pass and they will pass easier if we all stick together (in a semi isolated way) take care!


  2. I am looking for a dog at the moment. Has to be a pup or i am afraid bound may move out. But yeah… I need a companion I think and of course a beach like yours… I am stunned that one can be so privileged to live that close to such beauty! just wow! will keep you posted on the dog… šŸ™‚
    On the isolation thing šŸ™‚ no diffs for us… we are antisocial buggers anyhow *lol* the kid is struggling though, OMG he is MrSocialise!!!!! 2 days in and he is already climbing the walls, this is going to be interesting… may just be the BEST time to get a four legged buddy in!

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    1. get one! yes yes yes! you’ll never regret it, I cant understand why i waited so liong for murph now – well I can but life is so much better with a doggo! Think of the phot ops and the excuse to be outside all the time! Plus patting them is theraputic or something – just get one lol As for isolation i really feel for the kid – its not easy and understandably frustrating for the youngsters but life is a learning curve and he’ll coem through the stronger for it. Just doest feel like it right now

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      1. I have put my name down for a Bernedoodle… I am so excited… May take a few months, in the mean time if something else comes along as in a rescue, so be it… but I think with Bundi being like she is, we may need a puppy for her to get used to. We will see… but yes decision made… Family discussion this morning and its a YES, lets it!!! Watch this space Gar… i am SO EXCITED!!!

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      2. Jesus I just googled bernedoodle and that looks the most amazing dog! Don’t shy away from rescues – they need homes desperatly however remember like Murph they can be a little more problematic and need differing levels of care if they are at all traumatised. Nut yes yes yes yes doggo! I do tend to tell people to get a shorthaired black one if possible – cos they are much easier to clean and the mud dont show but thats tongue in cheek …. ish

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