All in the mind?

Last saturday was the first “proper” run for a while, it was still a test run in essence although the leg has been feeling better lately. oddly enough the saturday morning when i should have been running in preseli the leg seemed to be better and has improved from that day onwards. Which makes me wonder – Its quite the coincidence that once I’d resigned myself to not being able to run the race and had informed the organiser that the leg started to really improve. The mind and the body are so closely intwined was the bodys constant reproduction of pain a warning to the mind that no it wasn’t ready to run that race and once the decision was made then it simply stopped generating so much pain as it no longer needed it’s self defence mechanism.

Who knows. All i know is that I can feel it improving little at a time and on saturday I ran seven miles to Witches and back without the “its gonna go” feeling of the previous weeks test run. Don’t get me wrong it ached but not in a “you’re screwing this worse way”
Then that afternoon I walked with some friends to the next village for another 7 miles and yesterday it was a little sore but not much – and what do you expect when you cover 14 miles the day before no matter the speed.


Sands a shifting – Usually this is just a crevice full of bare rock but today it was full of sand
Just a strolling – We did a bit more walking than usual to keep from straining the leg too much
When i got to Witches Point there was a huge temptation to go running up it as I normally would do – But today I actually managed to resist temptation and just turned for home – But I took a photo to remind myself I’ll be back



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

5 thoughts on “All in the mind?”

  1. 🙂 well… according to Murph and his ‘Murphys law’ your bloody leg would start noticeably healing then wouldn’t it *lol* WHAT ARE WE LIKE? No wonder you called your hound that! *winks* and i have a determined ‘self destruct’ gremlin!

    Pushing 14 miles is a bit stupid though init? *lol* you should be taking it easy!

    Seriously though, WHAT FAB NEWS!!!!! Soon you will be bounding along those beaches again and BET your next trip up Snowdon is already being planned? no? yah right! *lol*

    You have the coolest beach and cliffs and running buddy… enjoy enjoy!!!

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    1. Well 7 of the miles were a walk to the pub and back so I dont count that as pushing it 😉 Dont think i’ll do snowdon again – too many people up there for my liking however there are exciting plans afoot – I just cant tell you yet until I know its happening. And I cant know that til this is fixed. But hopefully all will be revealed!

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    1. Could be, ive noticed way more sand than usual but put it down to lmaybe less dredging or something but perhaps its just seasonal shifting from down west!


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