Clipping Wings

Is it possible to feel too good?  Some days I just want to fly and I know if I fly I can break.  It’s at the point now where 8 or 9 miles after work (Gotta love BST) feel compltely fine and natural and keep my head in such a good place.  I can go faster but I know I dont actually need to go faster. It’s just a matter of having to put the brakes on and it’s hard to drop pace, I naturally keep dropping pace to around 8 to 8.30 minute miles which over that terrain is ridiculous and unsustainable for my body but it just feels so good to fly.

Tides in
Feisty little bugger on the left saw me off!
Hard not to fly on days like these

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

5 thoughts on “Clipping Wings”

  1. Just don’t fly off the edge of the cliff!
    Feeling too good? Only a problem in bipolar disorder😊 if you start buying things you can’t afford (my friend bought a sports car just before we realised that she wasn’t just being her fun extrovert self) and having unrealistic goals (believing that you are going to marry a supermodel) get a friend to take you in hand! I think though that you are just enjoying the sense of well being and accomplishment after the hard graft of lots of training! Make the most of it, you deserve it!!!

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    1. Thanks! I dont think ill be buying any sports cars – not my style (or budget) I think youre right though I do feel like im starting to accomplish things now after putting in the hard starting yards =)


  2. The magic happens if you fly at the right height … too close to the sun and you burn … too low and you drown …
    I rather burn … but I have to wait for my MRI … so just keep doing what you are doing … it keeps my memories fresh and makes the fight to get back worth it.

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