Thats gotta be jelly as jam just dont shake like that

A 7 mile jaunt after work. It’s so good to see the evenings brightening up fast.  Can get a nice longer feeling run in now and the sunsets are of course beautiful as per usual.

Down in the wet for a low angle. Love the granularity of the sand in this one.
It was clouding over slowly but the sky was a beautiful shade of blue inland
Hmmmm a jellyfish the size of my fist
Hmmmm another jellyfish
The size of a wok!

This dude was the biggest I’ve seen so far and mighty heavy from the feel of it. I’ve looked it up and its a barrel jellyfish.  The tide was coming in but I wouldnt fancy its chances of not getting stranded again as they just float around a bit.

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

3 thoughts on “Thats gotta be jelly as jam just dont shake like that”

    1. I read that its kinda pointless as they will just float back in. At the time I dodnt know if it could sting so I wasnt gonna lift it. Plus I should imagine theyre pretty difficult to carry!

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