Old runs, new faces

Misty,rainy morning run to the beach as much to just stretch the legs as anything else as I knew the tide was on its way in.  Had a good play around the immediate area though, some hill repeats during which I found this new face


Then a hop down to the beach to get some swifter rock running in to satisfy the need to bounce around a bit.


Pausing to check on the rockfall removal process

Result – tide needs to work harder

Found a fossil for Mawil1

Looks like the remains of a big ammonite

Then off looking for a christmas tree – at the beach ofc.  It now seems to be a tradition (if a 2 year thing can be a tradition) to find my tree at the beach. I wasn’t blogging last christmas so I don’t think last years tree made it here, I’ll have to see if I can find a photo.

But here is this years effort!

I am officially the worlds worst tree decorator (to be fair thats all I have to decorate it with) but considering I ran nearly 3 miles with the very heavy and unweidly thing I ofc love it


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

9 thoughts on “Old runs, new faces”

  1. Fab fossil! And I love the eco friendly Christmas tree. I was reading about someone who grew up in Israel, in a school and a family that didn’t talk about other religions. He describes his confusion when after emigrating to the US one day everyone in his neighbourhood started putting dead trees in their house! As always, when you see tradition through the eyes of an outsider you see how weird it looks. Like the time I tried to explain to an American about bonfire night and putting a guy on the fire…..

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      1. 😂😂 I haven’t got the guts to ‘defy’ Christmas tradition! I’m still dithering as to whether to send Christmas cards or make a donation to charity.

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