Moo, baaa, gobble, cluck, aaargghhhhh

Moo goes the cow
Baaaa goes the aggro sheep
Gobble goes the turkey
Cluck go the cockerals
Arrggghhhh goes Gareth

(4 and a half miles along cliffs and back via turkey today)

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

12 thoughts on “Moo, baaa, gobble, cluck, aaargghhhhh”

  1. Stay away from the edge! That’s 2 nasty cliff side drops in a week😱 You run alone so be careful!! I don’t know if your mother reads your blog, but as a mother I have a duty to protect other sons in the absence of their own mothers so I just need to say be careful!!!

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    1. Ill get a bollocking this weekend as my mum will read this have no fear! To be fair the path actually runs next to the cliff edge I just had to hold the camera out. However I promise to be careful! When was the other drop you noticed? I didn’t lol


      1. Mmm was it your really long run last week, it looked like a long way down into the valley? I’ll need to scroll back through your blogs when I get home. Glad that your mother keeps an eye on you! My son is far too IT savvy at the age of 12 to let me anywhere near his virtual world!

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      2. Just as bad! Actually it looked worse than the cliff! I’m sure that your real mother will have a few words to say anyway if she saw it too! At 43 I think I’d rather be your sensible older sister thank you!😂😂

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