More West Wales

On friday I headed down to West Wales to stay with friends again and of course I managed to fit in a run.

In fact I fitted in a 15 mile run along the Welsh coastal path. I intended to do around 10 but I felt great and it was a beautiful day so I just grabbed the chance to go further. The thing about coastal paths is that they are very rarely level – My watch reckons I did 2500 feet of elevation gain! I have to admit that some of the climbs were steep but I had the common sense to walk the worst and managed to keep my heart rate down for the whole thing (Im a good boy)

You can see why I was enjoying it
I found a washed up buoy – Bigger than I thought they’d be!
The views were simply stunning
And it all went a bit deliverance at one point. Is #spottedtheskull trending?
I ran along the beach at Broadhaven
Went past Littlehaven nad kept going (Everywhere around there appears to be called somethinghaven)
Went through some lovely woods (also full of bloody nettles)
Destination – This headland
Destination reached!
On the way back the tide was right out so I could run and scramble between the two Havens and was glad I did as I #spottedthecave and what a cave it is!
Found but didnt eat the mushroom!
This part of the trail is know for its man-chasing giant acorns – I was wary but didn’t see one

So 15 miles, lots of hills, controlled breathing and heartrate, good nutrition and hydration. Things are going well right now! (touch wood, don’t jinx myself etc)

And all this followed by a few hours in the kayak and some beers with Iolo the dog.


Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

8 thoughts on “More West Wales”

    1. Oooh i love a plan! Hydration wise I had a 1.5 litre hydration bag in my pack which I managed carefully and ran out exactly as I finished. I dont eat for the first hour and then I nibble on glucose tablets for a while. Around the second hour I have something solid, in this case one of my homemade energy biscuits and then I just eat those when I start to feel tired or hungry. Seemed to work well. The energy levels were fine, all I need now are more miles in the legs

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  1. 15 miles and 2500 feet! That’s double my run on both scores! But I didn’t need/ take any food or drink even though I was out for 2 1/2 hours. I did ‘notice’ the smell of beer and chips when I ran past the pub though!
    Nice looking cave😊

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  2. i read somewhere last week that sweat indicates your level of fitness… more sweat, more fit… will have to find where i saw that to back it up, but found that interesting!
    WOW Gareth… serious running and in SUCH a beautiful place… never had an inkling to visit Wales but your pics are beginning to intrigue me! Just stunning! enjoy x

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    1. Really? In which case I’m uberfit! Indeed you should visit the Principality someday. No matter where you go you get beautiful scenery …. except Newport, Newports crap :p


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