Sunset and a night run

Thought I’d change things up today, as I continully miss dawn due to bed related incidents (Ie sleeping) I decided to go running at sunset.  Never thought I’d be choosing to do this on a saturday night!






After the sunset I ran back to the other end of the beach so I could run the rocks in the dark with a headtorch – Soooooooo much fun!  Bit tricky to take photos of it though.

However I did take a video – sadly I had the camera the wrong way up so you have to tilt your head :p  Then again i was concentrating on not killing myself so I think I did ok

Hey cool – WordPress auto inserts youtube vids, who knew!

I actually did 8 miles, around half of those in the dark (and back up the spooky path) and I had a blast!  I’ll definitely be back out for more.








Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

10 thoughts on “Sunset and a night run”

  1. The second picture … that’s how you do it! Clouds, birds, sea and sun setting or rising.
    Absolutely stunning 😀 I now remember that last year you were my sunset fix as I don’t see sunset over the sea. Please keep it up!!!

    Now headtorch talk: what type, how did it work, did you get dizzy, did you break anything?

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    1. The good news is there will be more sunsets as the nights draw in! The headtorch is one of these

      I got one a while back and its also handy for camping. First time ive run properly in it, It worked superbly, it has a few brightness settings and running with it is easier than I anticipated. Its also on a hinge which is vital so you can lower the light and not dip your head. No dizziness and no I didnt break anything! Get one its amazing how much fun it is – familiar places change completely at night – and the rockpools! Wow full of life (that all scuttles off as you get to them)

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