We’re gonna need a bigger boat Part II

What’s worse than finding a surfboard on the beach?

Finding half a surfboard.

Some of you may remember the day I found the shark

Today I found the trail of shark destruction!

Exhibit 1 – Half a surfboard – I’m kinda sad that it doesn’t have a semi circular break with teethmarks. Do sharks wear dentures?
Exhibit 2 – Single flipper – No foot inside – where is the foot? In the shark?
Exhibit 3 – Boat clearly showing shark damage to hull – I’ve seen Jaws – I know my hull breaching shark attacks
Exhibit 4 – I turned the boat over half expecting a mangled corpse but it was empty – Further proof that the shark is indeed man-eating!

As I have already captured the shark I am off to claim the reward. If by some chance it isn’t the same shark …. There may be a difference in the bite circumference between an inflatable shark and a Great White …Β  It’s still out there … lurking

Oh yeah I ran around four and a half miles and it was beautiful and I felt great and my imagination kept me company aaaaaalllll the way

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

11 thoughts on “We’re gonna need a bigger boat Part II”

    1. Ahhhh but In a rare display of cunning tomorrow is an uber-restday as I have a days work marshalling (IE sitting round watching cars go round and round on a track) so DOMS does not scare me! As for the shark, I shall be cross examining it on its whereabouts!

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  1. What interesting rubbish you get on your beach! I only ever see bits of fishing net and pop bottles!
    Maybe the Sharks mouth was so big that that tiny part of the curve looked almost straight, like you biting through a chocolate straw…..

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      1. ha aaaa haha ha aaaa haha… i won’t tell you what i read THAT as!!!!

        Tomorrow we are tackling a nice long hike out Mensal Dale way… i will try ‘being on the wonk’ πŸ˜‰ and see what happens!

        PS…. drugs required?

        lol! KIDDING!

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