Testing Route Mapping

Playing with maps

I did this route in google maps a while ago (and I think posted it agggges ago) and wanted to play around with it and see if it could be embedded in WP – which I think it can be it seems!

Might start doing a few more of there to geographically locate runs and things I come across … until I get bored of it :p

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

11 thoughts on “Testing Route Mapping”

  1. Wow! Gareth did you take the pics and then take the co-ords or is your phone set to geo locate your pics…
    My fave is that somehow my kid as set it so that if I go out in the trail he can ‘follow’ me… But won’t tell me how to do it in case I ‘follow’ him 😂 hmmm makes you wonder don’t it?
    But wow that’s kewl!!!! Do more! Like that after work run the other day!

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