Running and Realism

Last night I was off to the beach, covered six miles and was out for over an hour and it felt great … up to a point.  My foot was aching a bit. Probably been overdoing it a little since the injury I thought …. This morning it’s more swollen and painful to walk on.

Hmmmm so this is where the realism comes in I guess. Hard to admit but i think I may have jumped the gun signing up for the ultra in Cornwall in now only 5 weeks. Being realistic instead of blindly optimistic my spidey senses tell me I can’t train hard enough without screwing my foot again and I really don’t want months off running again.

I can defer the race til next year and I’m starting to think its the only sensible option. Which does indeed make me feel a bit of a fool for getting all excited about it and then postponing it almost immediately.  It’s not in my nature to give up and this feels a bit like giving up.

I’ve read back through my blog and this stood out – I wrote it just as the injury was healing “ I’ve spent some time considering things while off injured and have come to realise I can’t hammer my body at this age (which does makes me sound old) when it’s not really used to it. If I want to run at all I need to run smarter, lower impact and run slower.

Guess I may need to be smarter ….

Anyway yesterday was a lovely run in the sun! Apologies for the poor quality but i forgot my camera.

Rocks! This is as far as I got as the tide was coming in and my new found sensible nature decided I didn’t want to get trapped
Heading back – Still enough sand to run on!
But wait – I’m hot and need cooling down – Run in the waves!
Testing the drainage qualities of Altras – They drain really well but do let a bit of sand in too
Just a beautiful view 

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

21 thoughts on “Running and Realism”

  1. OMG … sense found you! I am so relieved. I found the perfect race for you to get chicked at by me (in few years time) and now since you will keep running and not kill yourself I might tell you about it 😀

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  2. Love the way you caught the Sun rays in the last pic. Sorry to hear that you have grown up, but don’t worry it isn’t permenant, more of a chronic relapsing condition exacerbated by environmental factors😊 Women are affected more than men but even they can recover if conditions allow! 😆😆

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  3. Take heart. My brother turns 51 today. He didn’t start running again until his early 40’s. Just proves grown ups can still do crazy things. I have no doubt you’ll do a long event with the proper planning time. Along the way dance while you run!

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  4. Hey! Been a while since I’ve checked in, and I’m glad your foot is getting back in order!!! Aching caaan be good, but still double down on stretching, icing on and off, and take twice as many beautiful photos!
    I pick up that you see a “medical human” about your foot. What’s the professional word about the healing? Deferring does sometimes have to happen, may be smarter. But do see about some concentrated restoration. Get somebody to rub them toes, man. Best to you!

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    1. I’m keeping the self physic going plus icing and my friend is giving it a once over every week. Yeah much as it pained me to defer its for the best. Then again it means I have all summer (as in 6 weeks off) to roam and run where I please =) Thanks for the comment!


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