Embracing the suck, reasons to be cheerful.

Haven’t posted in a while. Haven’t done any running in a while. Have achieved things instead though.  Foot doesn’t seem to be improving much but then again I haven’t been able to rest it as much as I’d have liked as I’ve been on a renovation spree.

I’ve been planning to refloor and redecorate my flat for a while. Hadn’t done it for a while and it needed it after the ravages of a series of eldery animals and I had it all planned for this easter holidays – and then the injury happened.

But rather than letting not being able to run get me down i”m learning to embrace that particular suckage and get on with things that still make me feel in control.

So I completely refloored the place with laminate flooring and decorated the walls with paint the subtle shade of wicker (yes yes its off white) and decided on a bit of not so subtle matt black for the woodwork.  I think it went rather well seeing as I’m no expert in DIY and did it all myself.

Luckily from this distance you can’t see my cutting in skills on the paint edges
Bonus points for spotting trouble sleeping on the pillow I was using as a footrest – he colonised it immediately
The views I wake up to every morning – Another reason to feel lucky – The beach is a mile —> Thataway


So yep although the foot doesn’t seem to be improving i’m determined not to let it get me down. I might have to cancel some races I had planned if it doesn’t happen soon – Which has taught me to sign up for races a little later – You never know what’s around the corner.

Plus I get to read all your blogs and live vicariously through your running without getting wet or cold – OK I admit i’d love to be wet and cold if it meant mobile but c’est la vie.



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

14 thoughts on “Embracing the suck, reasons to be cheerful.”

  1. Have you tried Aqua running? A lot of runners I know have encountered injuries and have done this to maintain fitness.

    Flat looks amazing! Surprising how much time running takes up. Bet you have lots of time for other jobs now.

    Fingers and toes crossed you will be a k out there soon. I hope you don’t have to cancel any races. That could be a bummer.

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    1. To be honest im not so worried about my fitness, it will come back pretty quick I think, I’m more concerned about my mental state without running :p And thanks, i’m quite pleased with my diy skills to tell the truth ….and surprised!

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      1. I know what you mean about mean tak condition deteriorating with lack of running. Could you do another form of exercise till your back on your feet? Swimming maybe?


  2. Happy healing, man! I know it can get tough having to rehab an injury. If you wanna still volunteer the races that you signed up for, that’s a slick way to get free entry to the next race (depending on the policy/heart of the race director or group).

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      1. Yeah man! You can always stay in the game! You’ll get better, certainly take a look at methods of expediting the healing, too. Restorative practices (yoga, stretching, active rest) are wonderful.


      1. I am hopeful I can run tomorrow … as I’ve been every day … still stiff neck though and improving slowly … unfortunately I have to work which makes it madness. I will take a picture of all my torture devices soon – they do include cooking utensils so stay tuned the waiting will be worth it!

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