Race Calender

No it’s not my race calendar but some of the trail event’s I’ve stumbled across which local people might be interested in after someone nearby asked which races I’ve signed up for.  For those not tuning in from the South Wales region you may want to look away now!  I’m not signing up for all or even most of these – Just providing links to those I’ve found

March 28 – Gilwern Grunt 8 Miles

17 April – Brecon Half – £35! To be honest bit steep for me (as in price not terrain)

24 April – Offas Orror  – 20k

30 April – CTS Pembroke 10k, half, marathon or ultra 

2 May – Devauden 10k 

7 May – Preseli Beast (west wales) half or full

12 June – Chedder Gorge Half – Further away but looks like an interesting series of races

19 June – Offas Dyke 15

24 July – Monmouth 12k

28 August – Narbeth Knobbler half 

29 August – SW trail half Ponty

1st October – Hereford 8k 15k or 25k 


So far im signed up to the Preseli Beast and Narbeth Knobbler half marathons

Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

2 thoughts on “Race Calender”

  1. Oh god! I can feel my fingers twitching and debit card flexing! The race junkie in me is strong lol

    I’m going to be looking into a few of them. The trail August bank holiday Monday is on my stomping ground. Will try and get up there in next few weeks and take some pics for you 👍🏻

    Amazing list and a few I haven’t heard of. I can run in a diet of bread and water can’t I !!!!! lol

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  2. Yeah there’s a few I have my eye on. Looking maibly at halfs. The main problem with the bank holiday one is the Narbeth Knobbler the day before – Not sure on back to back halfs lol I just figure the money I save on eating healthy and less pub time = more gear and race signups!


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