Something different

I didn’t run the beach. Today was a different plan, my friends run a football club in Llantwit which is around five miles away and they were playing home so I decided a road run to go and watch and then a few pints and catch the bus home. So I packed up some clothes and crammed them into my pack so I could change there and off I set.

First time in ages I’ve run any distance on the road and I quite enjoyed the change. Luckily I have a pair of road shoes too I bought before the trails became an obsession. Nike Air Pegasus or some such thing. I’ve only run a mile in them though and the journey there caused me some pain in my left foot. I put it down to running on a different surface and new shoes.  However I managed to keep up a nice pace and had fun keeping an eye on my stride, pace and form. It’s much easier looking at such things when you’re not constantly leaping rocks and looking for the best path through trails.

The routes – yes routes as my Garmin decided to split the run into two. And why did it do this? Because when I got to the football ground there was no-one there. Not a soul. Either I was misinformed and they were playing away (most likely) or the game had been called off (a possibility with the amount of rain we’ve had lately)

So now I was getting cold pondering what to do next. I nearly headed for a nearby pub with a plan to catch the bus back but of course I decided to run straight back. The old me would have gone for this – hell the old me wouldn’t have run here anyway. So as I type this I’m proud I chose the harder path. Runnings more fun right now anyway!

The good news was that the Nikes felt fine on the way back although I did notice the impact of running on the road did aggravate my knee more and I felt my achilles starting to pull so I don’t think i’ll make longer distances on the road too much of a habit.

I was surprised to see that combined I ran around a 9.30 per mile pace. And this included getting lost on a housing estate on my way there (I must have looked a bit of an odd sight with my yellow running jacket and pack running through the estate looking confused). Hence why the route out is slightly longer than the route back!

Route out

Route back

Mainly though the route was through scenic countryside anyway as it shadows the Btistol Channel and I only took the one photo …. which now I’ve checked is as blurry as hell.

So have some archive images anyway as its saturday!


Soaks with her favourite thing – A piece of wood to chew on
Trail ends at Cwm Nash beach (spot the dog)
One of my favourite beach photos



Author: Gareth

Running coastal trails in South Wales and working on a healthier body and mind

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